About Fryed House

Who We Are

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Tylyn Fry

Tylyn Fry: Wife, mom, herbalist, novice baker, writer, barista, and creator – Tylyn has dabbled in many different mediums and subjects. She currently works behind the scenes of Fryed House; cooking and baking, decorating for events, creating content for the blog and social media, and wrangling the kids.

You can get in touch with her for collaborations, scheduling a service, or any questions concerning the blog and social media.

PHONE: (850) 326-4260
EMAIL: FryedHouse@gmail.com

Luke Fry

Luke Fry: Husband, father, classically-trained chef, customer service and sales expert turned business consultant – Luke has spent the last twenty years refining his service skills and gaining knowledge and experience in a variety of industries, including auto sales, the food industry, and the cannabis industry. He’s currently the Executive Chef at Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails in addition to running Fryed House.

He grew up here in Norman, Oklahoma, and he’s incredibly passionate about his family, nourishment, and community. Feel free to get in touch with him concerning any sales, product, or consulting questions or information.

PHONE: (850) 703-4582
EMAIL: FryedHouse@gmail.com

What We Do

Fryed House is a family-owned kitchen that specializes in combining the delectable elements of French baked goods with nourishment for the body and soul, as well as bringing culinary knowledge and education to your home or preferred even space. We offer a unique twist on your baked favorites – from fluffy biscuits and sweet breads to cottage pies and bite-sized pastries.

At home in small French villages, every boulangerie has its own unique recipes and traditions. The smell of sweet breads, freshly baked tarts and savory pies fill the air with a romantic warmth that makes you feel at home. We love this type of magic so much that we’ve taken it on as our mission to bring that same magic to you.

Everything that we create is made fresh to order within a clean, well-maintained environment in our home. With a combined 30 years of experience between the two, Chef Luke has been ServSafe Certified and has instructed sanitation classes throughout his seasoned career in the kitchen, so food safety is one of our top priorities, along with creating memorable experiences through our culinary passion.

In our family, food isn’t just nourishment – food is our love language. We show our support and commitment to each other, our family and our community through kneaded dough and spiced aromas. We treasure every single bite just as much as the experience we share with our loved ones because here, every dish is a story.

If you’d like to get in touch, please use the form below to connect with us!

Fryed House is a SAFE SPACE.

We’d like to take this time to make it clear that Fryed House is and will always be a safe space – whether you’re a client, a trainee, a patient, or a friend. We aren’t just here to sell you a product. We truly believe in our community and that when you grow, we grow. 🌱✨

We strive to show compassion and unconditional acceptance no matter who we’re working with. Things can get a little personal during consultations, but you will never be judged or criticized, and we will never share your private and personal information or experiences, no matter what.

This is not a political statement. We believe in fairness and equality, and that kindness can change the world, and it shows in our business practices and methods. In addition to that, we advocate for the homeless community, domestic violence victims, the LGBTQ community, parents medicating with cannabis, and humans of every culture, race, and lifestyle. 💕